MikkiMoves Weekly Seller Reports: Keeping You Up to Date

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Birth of the Weekly Seller Reports: Communication is Key

Before opening MikkiMoves, I was busy doing everything by myself.

I was laser-focused on my listings. It was the midst of the recession, and I needed to do whatever I could to get my listings sold.

I worked on web pages, ads, networking and calling everyone I could think of to encourage showings. Then on a Friday afternoon, I got a call from a seller who was upset that she had no showings on her property, and why wasn’t I working for her?

Whoa, I had been working so hard all week on her listing! It was the most expensive active listing in my portfolio at the time, and of course I had been paying attention and working.

I realized it was my fault. I had done all this work and not communicated it to my seller. My bad. I needed a way to communicate the behind-the-scenes activities to my clients.

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Weekly Seller Reports were Born

Now we had an effective way to track and discuss the marketing activities and progress toward an offer!

Each week, our marketing department compiles a report of activities and response traffic to those activities. They send this report to the client and the lead agent and the broker for review and discussion.

And then there was the added benefit that we did not expect, but has since provided even more value to this process. We are also able to monitor glitches and holes!

About a month after starting this process, we found that one of the reports came back with a “0” for traffic. Something was obviously wrong. The link was down and we were alerted so we could actually fix it. Phew. Sold the house a week later!

If you are thinking of selling some real estate, ask about this and other services we offer. We are here to help!

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