The Home Selling Process Explained

Couple in Front of For Sale Sign and HouseStep 1: Choose the Right Realtor

Make sure to get an agent early, well before you’re ready. The right Realtor® can help guide you as you prepare to sell your home and assist with ideas and resources. Make sure to interview multiple Realtors, and don’t just look at the price they say they can get for your home. Make sure your agent has a high rating.

Get Inspections

Having your home professionally inspected now will avoid surprises later, and will alert you early in the process to any needed repairs. Be sure to consult your Realtor before making any major repairs to your home–it may be more economical to offer a credit to your buyer than to pay for the repair yourself.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

This can involve decluttering, painting, staging furniture, and improving your home’s curb appeal. Your Realtor® can be an invaluable source of advice on what will help sell your home quickly.

Price Your Home Competitively

While you as the owner have the final say, no matter what you hope for, the market will only bear what your property is worth compared to the competition.  It’s important to separate  memories and emotions from value.  A professional Realtor will have your best interest at heart and will help you to set a competitive price.

Make Your Home Available to Show

While showings can be inconvenient and disruptive, they are ultimately necessary so prospective buyers can see your home. Make sure that personal items and valuables are safely secured before any showing or open house. Remember that prospective buyers will often look inside cabinets and closets to evaluate the amount of storage in your home!

Understand How Your Agent Markets Your Home

While print ads were effective a few years ago, we are now moving into a digital medium. Your Realtor will come up with a comprehensive marketing plan for your home.

Appreciate All Offers…

…even if they’re low. Remember that getting an offer means that someone is interested in your home, and they’re working in their own best interests. Your Realtor will help you negotiate and evaluate each offer, and will provide you with a net sheet that will help you compare multiple offers.

Be Ready for Hiccups!

Minor and major problems can arise with your buyer’s lender, the appraisal, inspections, etc. Be flexible and willing to problem-solve with your agent. Remember that your Realtor is on your side and is using their experience and skill to help your home sell.

Keep Up the Maintenance On Your Home

This means insurance, alarms, mowing the yard, and keeping the utilities on. Remember that your home isn’t sold until escrow closes.

Just Before Closing…

…transfer utilities to the new owner. Give your home one last cleaning and mow the lawn–have pride in your home! Sign and notarize the closing papers, and work with your agent to coordinate the transfer of keys, warranties, etc.

Head Off to New Adventures!

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