How to Sell and Buy a Home at the Same Time

Attractive Businesswoman In Front of Nice Residential Home

Many sellers wish to sell in order to buy a different house, and are confused about the process. That’s why MikkiMoves is here to help.

We don’t like seeing people have to move twice. Moving is stressful enough! So how does this work?

The best way is to list your sale property first. Some people think they will wait until they have found their replacement property first, and then list the sale property, but this is risky.

You, as the buyer, risk losing the contingency purchase to another buyer. Your offer will be weaker if you have a contingency sale where the sale property is not yet listed.

However, if your sale property is already in escrow, your offer will be much stronger on the purchase property. You will have more bargaining power. And you don’t have to move twice either!

We simply negotiate with the buyers for your sale property that the escrow is contingent on you finding and closing a simultaneous escrow for your replacement property.

So again, listing first, getting a buyer for your sale property and then negotiating your replacement property is the best practice for buying and selling at the same time… it works!

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