Choosing a Listing Agent: Put a MikkiMoves Pro to Work for You

Real Estate Agent.

It is extremely important to find the right Realtor® to work for you!

If you don’t already have an agent working for you, please consider interviewing a MikkiMoves Realtor for the job! We work very hard for our clients by providing you with the attention you deserve.

Make an appointment today for your free, no-obligation consultation! And we work evenings and weekends by appointment, so we can make appointments that fit into your busy schedule.

Realtors are generally paid on commission only, which means we get paid when you get your keys. There are not usually any upfront costs to buyers to hire a Realtor, and generally it is the seller’s proceeds that will pay the Realtors.

Find a Realtor, like a MikkiMoves agent, who loves the job and really wants to help with such an important transaction. For our team, it is not about any specific deal, but about the long-term relationship we maintain, so you feel comfortable using as a resource for ALL of your real estate needs and questions, no matter where you are in your life.

Some buyers believe they can handle the search and negotiations on their own, or choose a real estate agent by chance when they call a number on a “For Sale” sign. Being in the business every day, we have found it best to interview and choose an agent before you begin, or early in the process of your real estate search. Your Realtor will be able to streamline the search process and will provide valuable assistance in getting information about the property, negotiating the best deal, and facilitating a smooth escrow process and title transfer.

So whether you are ready to buy or sell now, or just exploring the market, consider the expertise of our team in this industry, and don’t hesitate to interview one of our Realtors at MikkiMoves Real Estate, Inc to “hire” as your Realtor for life!

We love what we do, and we’re ready to work hard for you!

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