The MikkiMoves Quality Service Guarantee for Buyers

best-realtor-sonoma-countyOur MikkiMoves Agents go through additional training to be the best they can be! At MikkiMoves, we make outstanding Agents!

quality-service-certified-agentsOur Agents subscribe to Quality Service Certified®, which guarantees the level of service delivered to you as our client.

We go much further than this list implies, but certainly, if we are not delivering the items on this list, definitely let us know so we can fix it!

After the transaction is completed, you will receive a survey from a third-party company where you are encouraged to provide candid feedback about your experience with MikkiMoves Real Estate.

We value your opinion and like to learn from each experience to keep making our services better for you, your family and friends.

Quality Service Certified For Home Buyers

The Quality Service Guarantee is your written commitment from your sales associate assuring the delivery of all of the services described below.

As your representative we will:

  1. Conduct a counseling and information session to identify your needs and goals and to plan a property search.
  2. Offer to arrange pre-qualifying or pre-approval meeting with a lender to determine affordability range and improve negotiating position at the point of offer.
  3. happy couple showing thumbs up at new homeCommit to priority availability for meeting your needs and schedule for property research and showings.
  4. Complete a thorough market search to identify all properties consistent with your needs and price range.
  5. Prepare a written Competitive or Comparative Market Analysis for you prior to you making an offer.
  6. Prepare a written offer to purchase on the property of your choice reflecting your price and terms.
  7. Provide counsel and negotiating assistance on all offers to purchase.
  8. Obtain and review with you the seller’s written property history and disclosure statement.
  9. Recommend professional building and termite/pest inspections and review findings and remedies with you.
  10. Monitor and communicate the status and satisfaction of contract contingencies.
  11. Accompany you on walk-through property inspection before closing, if provided for in the contract.
  12. Attend the closing or escrow (in those states where this is customary).
  13. Contact you after the closing to assure the satisfactory completion of all service details.
  14. Offer the opportunity to evaluate the service provided through the Quality Service Assurance Survey™.

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