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Like it was meant to be. Home.

Couple looking for a home to make their own. Has to be structurally sound, but looks are not an issue. If you have a match, give us a ring!

Looking for more than fun and games, seeks a serious 2 Bedroom 1 Bath home on an acre of land in Arcata, Bayside or Indianola area. Willing to trade upto $285k for the right home. Have you seen S.P.’s home? Let us know!

From Denver, hoping to find a home by summer. 4 Bedroom in a good school area with potential room for an in-law unit. This house can be between Arcata & Eureka. Fixer upper to add their own spin on things, but open to other options.

A place to call home. 2 Bedroom with a fenced yard and garage is all DW is in search of. Has $180k to spend in the City of Eureka, CA

Seeking 1031 Exchange on a 3-12 plex. Can be between Arcata, CA to Mckinleyville, CA and upto $700k[/

3 Bedroom 2 Bath in Cutten, CA for a family of 4!  Home office & shop would be great. $300k to offer!

HH needs a large lot between Mckinleyville & Fortuna, CA. On that lot, a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a garage seals the deal. $235k to find the right Real Estate deal.

With teens in the house, ML needs a 3 Bedroom and 1.5 baths to live comfy. A Mother-in-Law unit/bonus space is what they need. Can be between Mckindleyville to Fortuna, CA with a $300k price tag.

Young investor looking for a Multi-Family investment property in Arcata, CA, but also considering Eureka, CA. $350k~

First time Home buyer T.S. is looking for a good home in the North Bay. $200k

First time home buyer B.S. is looking for a home with 2 bedrooms, garage, and definitely a fireplace or wood stove. North Bay is the target, $220k and below is the arrow.

Couple relocating from Southern California to be near their family. .5 of an acre with a garage/shop for Metal working, or enough land to build it. North Bay is their preference,  but not in the suburbs. $500k or below gets the gears turning!

Searching for a 3 bedroom, 1.5 or 2 bath home with a country feel.  A larger back yard to garden in would be ideal! A garage is preferred, and not too far from town. Hope to keep it under $240,000. Does yours match?