What MikkiMoves’ Diamond Certification Means to Our Clients

MikkiMoves Real Estate has met the requirements for Diamond Certified® status. This means that you, our client, can count on a level of quality, service and professionalism that ranks at the very top of our industry.

This isn’t just a marketing claim. It’s based on a careful and thorough vetting process by an independent organization that specializes in researching and qualifying providers. MikkiMoves successfully met the criteria by Diamond Certified, a widely respected rating agency that has been conducting consumer research for 14 years.

The company applies a rigorous process of surveying real customers and gathering information from applicant companies. Only a limited number of companies earn the Diamond Certified rating, and we at MikkiMoves are pleased and honored to be among them.

According to Diamond Certifed, “We declare that MikkiMoves Real Estate, Inc. HAS QUALIFIED for and continues to meet the Ongoing Research and Rating Requirements for Diamond Certified® status.”

For more information on MikkiMoves’ certification, you can read our Diamond Certified report on us at this link.

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