10 Ways to Prep Your House for Sale

By Michelle Rowland
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First impressions are everything. A small investment of time (and maybe a little money) will give your property the edge over other listings when it comes time to show it to prospective buyers. Below are some suggestions to help you get started.

1.) Make your front door and home entrance inviting. This will set the tone for potential buyers as they view the rest of the home. Give your front door and mailbox a coat of fresh paint, power wash the exterior of the house to get rid of cobwebs and put a few fresh potted flowers near the front door for a nice pop of life & color.

2.) Keep your lawn mowed and pathways clear. Your house will have better curb appeal and your lot will seem larger if you keep your lawn nice and tidy.

3.) Keep your home free from overpowering scents and smells. Pay attention to pet odors and clean the fridge/kitchen regularly.

4.) Get un-personal. Take down photos, knick-knacks, collectibles and store them in a safe place. These items may cloud a buyers ability to picture themselves in the house.

5.) Keep in neutral. Avoid extreme colors or themes.

6.) Repairs. Small home repairs need to be taken care of before you list your house. Make sure all the lightbulbs work, make sure door handles & locks work, patch small holes, replace any torn window screens, etc.

7.) Tidy closets and drawers. Overcrowded closets and drawers may give the impression that your home doesn’t have enough storage space. Make sure closets and drawers are clutter free.

8.) Less is more. Remove some of your furniture to help your home appear more spacious. Store excess furniture and belongings in a storage unit.

9.) Details. Replace outdated hardware on your cabinets, replace outlet covers and make sure all lights have a fixture.

10.) Give it some elbow grease. Give your entire home a good deep cleaning. Scrub floors & baseboards, clean cobwebs from ceilings & light fixtures, clean windows inside & out. Make sure to give the home a ‘freshening’ before each showing.

These are some basic tips and ideas to prepare your property for sale. It’s a good idea to have your Realtor do a pre-listing walk through to give you specific tips and ideas for your house. You may also consider getting pre-inspections to see the areas of improvement that will be called out to potential buyers. This can help mitigate surprise and steep renegotiations during escrow. Talk to your Realtor to see which inspections may benefit you.
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While tidying up you can put this checklist to use


Checklist courtesy of Palazzo Kitchens and Baths