Location, Location, Location… MikkiMoves Real Estate, Santa Rosa is Open!

We just opened our second location for MikkiMoves Real Estate, Santa Rosa hosts our new location in the Montgomery Village Shopping Center. They say that value is based on location. I am thrilled about the opportunities that our newest location will provide for us to be available to our clients and audience with an interest in real estate, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

Location is relative though. A good location, while important for investment, is also what is good for you and your space.  Our neighbors around us add to the vibration of that space. And we make a difference on their space too.

Nature impacts value too. You want misty cool with giant redwoods, rivers, and wild beaches,  and significantly less expensive real estate, come to Humboldt. You want warm evenings and plenty of choice for local wine, a haven for foodies, wine enthusiasts, and shoppers, while being just on the edge of everything, and it’s a bit more expensive, (though less expensive than SF) come to the North Bay in Sonoma County.

And while the two locations are 4 hours apart, it’s a beautiful drive in between. My commute may be far, but my heart is in both places, and technology even allows both at the same time!

–Mikki Cardoza