Considering a Real Estate Career but Not Sure Which Company?

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Here’s how to tell if Real Estate might be right for you—and how to make a better choice about the company you affiliate with.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you a proactive, decisive person whose strength is getting people on the same page and getting things to move forward?

Do you wake up every morning and know that you have something to contribute and are chomping at the bit to get after it?

When you tell people that you’ve “got it covered” and are “on it”, you mean what you say and look out because you’re going to deliver?

Do You Consider Yourself to be

  • Able to work and think independently
  • Decisive, even when there’s risk involved
  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Confident
  • Coachable

Then you may be ideal for a career in Real Estate. Keep reading…

Job Description

  • Sales and contract work helping Buyers and Sellers with Real Estate.
  • Real Estate License not required to apply, but is required to practice as an independent contractor.
  • Commission based on sales volume.

Job Requirements

You have an interest in building your own business with excellent earning potential. You are computer literate, flexible, strong follow-through, problem solver, great smile and positive attitude. Able to take rejection and bounce back, team player, learner, punctual, and self motivated. Willingness to meet multiple demands with a “can do” attitude. Able to work flexible hours.

If the above sounds like you, and you’re an “A” player looking to play on an “A” team, then follow this link to complete our online application process.

Perks and Benefits to Look for in a Real Estate Company

Not all real estate agencies are alike. Some leave you to sink or swim on your own with little training or support. Here’s’ what MikkiMoves offers, and you can use this list when evaluating your options.

  • Free vacation coverage without trading time!
  • Weekly Coaching, Support, and Trainings!
  • Supplies, programs, and materials to run your business. Company pays for your CRM, Transaction Room Programs, Docusign, Most Signage, Lockboxes, Basic Marketing, Flyer Prep, printing and distribution, and more!
  • Team Work environment with dedicated support staff for you, including full time marketing, photographer, sign placer, reception, transaction coordinator, and team Broker.
  • No need to be a “one person” show anymore! Let us help you take care of your clients to deliver an award winning customer care experience that keeps your clients coming back and referring business to you year after year!
  • Our agents deserve a life outside of work too! We help you get it all done, so you can spend time with your clients, contracts, and family!

Get a No-Obligation Real Estate Employment Evaluation

Have questions about a career in real estate? Want to know if it’s the right move for you? Submit your application and receive a free consultation. Get information, honest answers and an assessment of your potential in this exciting, lucrative career.

With an excellent reputation and steady growth, we need new agents, licensed or not, to grow with MikkiMoves Real Estate.

Want to get your real estate license? Learn about the MikkiMoves Real Estate Academy