Meet Michelle “Mikki” Cardoza, Realtor®, Broker and Firm Owner

mikki-cardoza-mikkimoves-real-estateI was a teacher most of my life. I also have my administrative credentials to be a school principal. It was 2001 when I was teaching 7th and 8th grade and came home to our blended family with 4 more middle school kids, who each had invited a friend for the night. I loved teaching, but I was tired too.

My neighbor, over the fence, suggested I try my hand at Real Estate, he thought I would be good at it. So for fun, on the side, I studied for the exam and ended up in the state building in Oakland to take my exam on September 11, 2001.

Not understanding the severity of the day, I negotiated my way to stay in the building they were evacuating to finish my exam. I completed the 3 hour exam in about 45 minutes, and made my way home. The next day I learned that I had passed my exam. I believe I was the only one in the state to take my exam that day.  And what a pinnacle day for real estate.

I was nervous about leaving an altruistic job of teaching to go into a “sales position,” but my best girlfriend reminded me that this is one of the largest fiscal and emotional transactions in people’s lives. Who better to assist than an honest and ethical teacher who would care about the client and be able to help that person navigate such a difficult transaction?

OK, I thought, I could do that.

So I began my career for “fun” and had a wonderful time! I was able to help people and really show them how the process worked.

I loved listening to the clients, figuring out the root of what they wanted, and then helping them get to their desired outcome. I built my business on my reputation, repeat business and referral.

As I got busy, I found it difficult to provide my service to all who asked. I wanted to help more people than I could do myself. I was frustrated with the industry standard of each agent doing the whole job by himself or herself. So in 2012 I wrote a business plan that addressed all my frustrations as an individual real estate agent, and put it into play in March of 2012.

Since then, I am thrilled with how our system helps the clients and the agents! We now have 10 agents and a team system that has four people paying attention to each transaction, each doing their part based on their expertise. As a result, the client has a better experience. I am excited that I can pass my craft forward to others willing to learn, and that together, we are going wonderful places!

I do like to spend my free time reading to learn, playing with my Grandbaby Zoe, cooking and exploring the world with my husband Art, keeping in touch with my adult children, and walking on the beach with friends. Life is wonderful!